Show the world who you are.

Control your future.

 The Leap Frog Collective is a community of ambitious people who want to take control of their professional paths.

Through LFC, you learn how to show the world who you are and why you're the best fit for that next great opportunity!

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20 Things You'll Learn in the Leap Frog Collective

The 20 How-Tos below are just a small sampling of what you'll have access to as an LFC member.

1.  Tell Your Unique Story Through Content Creation

2.  Develop Your Unique Personal Statement

3.  Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Maximum Impact

4.  Develop Your Go-To Content Creation "Buckets"

5.  Build a Swipe File for New Ideas

6.  Quadruple Your LinkedIn Following in 6 Months

7.  Build a Powerful Blog from Scratch - Step-by-Step

8.  Leverage Your Knowledge No Matter Your Age

9.  Build a Content Tool Stack With Free or Cheap Tools

10. Be Interested Rather Than Interesting

11.  Build Your Tribe and Become Their Authority

12.  Overcome Imposter Syndrome

13.  Develop an Action Orientation and Stop Being Reactive

14.  Land an Internship Without Filling Out One Application

15.  Land the Right First Job Out of College

16.  Prepare for a Career Transition

17.  Start a Podcast to Leverage Your Knowledge

18.  Land Guest Blogging Opportunities to Build Authority

19.  Leverage SEO Basics for Impactful Content

20. Pick the Social Mediums That Are Right for You

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Kris Hughes headshot

I'm a decade-plus veteran in the content and marketing industries.

I've been a part of three acquisitions over the course of my career, steering the ship on some and building the ship on others.

I've built a network, sold that, and helped build another that was recently acquired in a multi-million dollar deal.

I've tripled my LinkedIn following in less than six months.

That said, the early years of my career were miserable.

This is why I founded the Leap Frog Collective.

I wasn't taught how to tell the world who I am to get better opportunities, and it's something I want to help each member of LFC do for themselves so they can better craft a career journey that matches their goals, talents, and values.

I look forward to working with you!


Content Archives

Videos, guides and more that help you learn how to show the world who you are!

Community Social Network

Hang out with your LFC friends and talk about what's on your mind in our custom social media network.

Office Hours Sessions

During Office Hours sessions, chat with LFC coaches about how to tell your story and build a following. We're here to help!

Monthly Town Halls With Special Guest Speakers

Every month we invite a special guest speaker to talk about how to tell your story and help you stand out!

Member Curated Chat Groups

Create or join a chat group within LFC to make new connections and deepen your network!

Access to Exclusive Job & Internship Opportunities

Check out the Job Board to explore internship and job opportunities exclusive to LFC members.

Some Common Questions We're Asked

Can I cancel anytime?

Of course. Our goal is to help you tell the world who you are! Not lock you into a membership that you can't escape.

What if I've never created content?

Most people haven't! We'll help you become a powerful, confident, content powerhouse.

What subjects will we cover?

How to create content to tell your unique story, let the world know who you are, and leapfrog your peers for great opportunities.

What if I'm already in the work world?

We can help you leverage a career transition, or become more competitive versus your peers for the next great opportunity!

What does it cost to join?

You can join for free, but the most impactful elements of the community cost about the same as a Netflix subscription.

Can I access LFC from my phone?

Of course! All of the content in the community is formatted for all types of devices for easy access.

Want to join our weekly newsletter to learn about the community and what we're up to? Join below.